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The ABA Parent Toolbox

Designed exclusively for parents! The ABA Parent Toolbox includes training courses for parents and child-focused curriculum that will engage your child. Teach important skills that impact everyday life such as language, communication, daily living skills and more in an easy to use format!

The strategies and techniques in the toolbox can easily be implemented during typical daily routines and activities such as mealtimes, playtime, community outings and family time.

The Target Teacher: Autism Skill Building Video Curriculum was designed especially for individuals with autism. Learn how to teach your child critical skills without having to be a trained therapist. The video format is simple to use and based on the teaching methods of ABA, including reinforcement and discrete trial teaching. We focus on using natural language, teachable moments, and natural teaching contexts. The curriculum builds the skills that are vital to your child’s independence and growth.

We use our extensive clinical experience to take the guess work out of ABA. We use step-by-step training, video demonstrations and video modeling to demonstrate how to implement teaching techniques and strategies to get the best outcomes.

The Founders

The founders of The ABA Parent created a training series exclusively for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents with special needs because they believe parents are the most important individuals in their children’s lives and have the power to make the biggest impact on their children’s learning and independence.

Lena Sankovich, PhD, BCBA-D

Vincent Moncada, BCaBA